Website Builder Near Me? Yes, You Need Expert Website Builder For Your Small Business, Not DIY Website Building Software.

Editor’s Note: We are neither Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Website Builder Platform like Wix, Squarespace or Shopify, nor we are their competitors. We do not serve people looking for a cheap or free DIY website builder platform to create a website themselves. No, we are not freelancer or agency either. We do not work for hire. We are a website company providing high converting website solutions to business owners who need a fully custom sales generating website built by experts to create brand awareness, stand out from the competition, generate revenue, and acquire new customers for their business. If you need to know more, you can look at our small business website builder service page.

So you have been searching for a website builder near you, but now you are in a mind boggling situation. You did speak to a professional website builder near you for your website needs, but they do not work for free or cheap. On the other hand, you see there are website building software who claim that you can build a website yourself for free without any design or coding skills. While this may sound great – after all, who wouldn’t be interested in getting something for free instead of having to pay for it? – these DIY website builder software may not be the right solution for you.

When You Should Use DIY Website Builder Platform Or Software To Create A Website On Your Own

If you need a personal website to speak your heart out, show off your portfolio or get started in your new hobby, then website platform or website building software is what you need to create your website. Website building software is also good for social influencers and bloggers including the affiliates of website building software who say that you should not hire expert website builder or website designer or website developer. Basically, DIY website builder platform with cookie-cutter templates and limited functionality is only good for you as long as you do not have any real business to sell your own products and services.

When You Need An Expert Website Builder

You need an expert website builder when it comes to get your business website built. Sure, it is cheap or even free to use DIY website platforms or tools for creating a website on your own for your business. However, most DIY websites fail to make money for businesses. Worst, they actually hurt business reputation due to amateurish design and poor user experience.

See, it is not about what tools or software you are using to build your business website. It is actually about who is building your website. At Convergial™, we also have our fully hosted website platform, eCommerce system, industry specific business systems, and a wide range of tools and materials that we use to build and deliver result driven websites to our customers. The only difference is that we put a team of expert website builders, website designers, and online marketing strategists in work to build a business website for a customer of ours. Yeah, you read it right – a bunch of expert professionals create a website together for a business here – because the type of website we develop is called “sales ready website”, “lead generating website”, or “high converting website”. It is a website that is strategically designed and built to drive customers to a business.

No, we will not go out of business, if you build a website on your own. The business owners who get their website built by experts like us instead of using free website builders are not fool either. So, let’s look at some undeniable facts and situations due to which you need an expert built website for your business.

1. Your Website Is The Face Of Your Business On The Internet

Thanks to the sheer pace of technological advances in recent years, more than 90% consumers now search and research online about a product/service before making a purchase decision. Consumers do not behave online in the same way they do in the physical world. Even though you may have listed your business online with location and contact info, but consumers want to see, know and judge your business through your website before they contact you. So, it doesn’t matter whether you sell online or at your business location, your website acts as the face of your business on the internet. Image is important in business. How you present yourself to your potential customers influences the perception of your business. A website set up from cookie cutter template using website building software by someone who has no professional experience in website design and user experience will simply give your business a bad image.

You’ve spent countless hours planning, thinking, and forecasting for your business. You’ve also spent hard earned money on equipment and office space. Then you launch an amateurish website using website building software that squanders the precious 4 seconds you have to make a first impression on your potential customers.

A recent research found that it will take consumers visiting your website all of 4 seconds to decide if they want to consider your business or move on.

Everybody wants to buy a product/service from an established and reputable business. Your potential customers are intelligent enough to take one look at your website and know what your business worth. Businesses without an expert built custom website are bound to lose out on potential customers and that’s the reality. If your customers are judging your business by your website, then why won’t you want to care enough about your website to get it built by experts?

2. Consumers Care About Your Website Design, and Search Engines Too

How your website looks is important to today’s consumers. Consumers now take your website design as a factor to decide if your business is credible and caring. Even if you offer a good product / service that can solve problems of your potential customers, it actually matters what your website looks like at the end of the day because your website communicates the very product/service of yours to your potential customers. You give a bad presentation of your awesome product/service, you lose a sale.

93% consumers have indicated the website design as #1 factor in judging the credibility of a business. More than half of them also expressed that if they arrive on a business site that isn’t working well on mobile, they take it as an indication of the business simply not caring.

Not only your website needs to be aesthetically pleasing to impress your potential customers, but also your website needs to be able to engage and convert those people into your actual customers. See, getting people to visit your website is one thing and convert them into leads and sales is an entirely different game. So, your website needs to be strategically designed and built to be sales ready. This is one of the reasons why a bunch of professionals including digital marketing strategists contribute to the development of a business website at Convergial™. Again, you also need to understand that search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have their own rules and guidelines on website design and functionality which your website needs to comply with so that it ranks well on search engines and be found by your potential customers.

3. You Are Not The Only Business In Your Industry

Many bloggers including affiliate marketers of website building software suggest that starter business owners should use free website builder software to build a website on their own, and they should only hire expert website builder when they have established and grown their business. Before you happily go on to follow advises found on the Internet, you should ask yourself a question. In this era where more than 90% consumers search and compare a product/service online before making a purchase decision, how do you grow your business or establish your brand with an amateur website which turns away your potential customers in 4 seconds from your business? Do you know what all these consumers do when your poorly designed website turns them away? As you are not the only business in your industry, these people visit your competitors to purchase from them. Oh! Another thing, they may not again come to your website because of the bad impression you created in the first place.

74% consumers do not engage with a business and its offers because of poor website design and user experience. They will instead visit your competitors.

The ready made templates offered by free or cheap website builder software may look great to you, but they devalue your business in front of your potential customers. Your website does not differentiate your business from the rest, because the very same template design of your website is also being used by another hundreds of thousands of people. On top of that, your potential customers are actually intelligent enough to tell whether you have setup your website from a template or you have invested in a custom website design. In fact, its cookie-cutter look, poor user experience and lack of branding tell them what your website is made of. Your website should not undermine your business and its offers. Rather, your website should be built for engaging your potential customers in a way that they chose your business, not your competitors. You can’t build such a website on your own without any professional experience in website design, user experience, conversion optimization and digital marketing to name a few skills required to develop a lead generating and sales ready website.

Businesses chose expert website builders over free/cheap website building software not because they are venture capital funded or have so much money to burn. Many businesses understand the importance of having a sales ready website, which is why they choose to pay an expert website builder like us instead of doing it themselves. When we say “sales ready website”, “lead generating website”, or “high converting website” – these terms are not our sales cliche. A sales ready website is a type of website that is strategically designed and built to convert your potential customers into your loyal customers when they visit your website. Whether you need a sales ready website depends on whether you want to make sales and gain customers through your website. Just because you do not sell online that does not mean you don’t need a sales ready website. You need a sales ready website because your potential customers are researching online on which business to buy from. You should look at the websites of industry leaders and established brands. Everybody knows them by their brand name alone and their products/services are also available at your nearby outlets. Still, they invested in not only custom designed but also sales ready website, because a sales ready website works as a sales channel and an effective marketing tool for your business on the internet.

When it comes to choosing a website solution, it is not a choice between saving money and spending money. It is a choice between losing money and making money. You choose a website solution that is not optimized for generating sales, you will end up losing money in many ways such as losing on potential customers, missing sales opportunities, and rendering your marketing effort ineffective. On the other hand, you choose to have your website strategically built by expert website builders for generating leads and sales, you will be making money from your website.

When you have invested your time, money, and hard work in formulating your business, there is no point to ruin it by having a bad website. Your website is more than your online business card. Your website should be your online channel to generate leads and sales for your business. Instead of going for the cheapest or free solution for a website, you should go for a website solution that will be able to enhance your business reputation, build brand awareness, drive leads, and generate sales.